Stuart Fl. Marlin Fishing Charters:

While charter fishing locally out of Stuart Fl. most of our marlin catches are incidental, but both blue and white can be targeted with good success on our Fl. long range fishing charters and Bahamas fishing vacations.

 Stuart fl. blue marlin light tackle charters

Exhibiting all the qualities of the ultimate game fish... Warp speeds, aggressive attacks, and unrivaled colors, punctuated with unmatched acrobatic performances and stamina, catching a marlin on light tackle off a center console will have you hooked for life.

blue marlin aboard Off the Chain during a stuart Fl. deep sea fishing charter

Aboard Off The Chain we are able to target marlin in various ways. From a B.B.C. Tournament winning trolling spread with ballyhoo, dredges, and squid chains, to slow trolling live tuna, or bait and switching while on a fly-fishing charter. Captain Scott has been around the world chasing billfish and brings all the best fishing techniques back home to Stuart for you to enjoy.

blue marlin aboard stuart Fl. charter boat Off the Chainwhite marlin gettin' it! Stuart fl. fishing charters

 Off the East Coast of Florida blue marlin average 125 to 200 pounds, but larger ones sneak in here on a regular basis. Bigger fish are often encountered around the schools of small blackfin tuna on the hill, and around the birds that we fish during our long-range tuna charters. Blue marlin can grow in excess of 2,000 lbs! and are known for extremely aggressive attacks, long runs, and spectacular boat side aerial displays.

White marlin, are smaller, but no less spunky than their larger cousins. Averaging 40-80 lbs. during our South Fl. fishing charters, these fish can be the most lit up and acrobatic of any fish out there. They are known for being tricky, hard to hook, cartwheels and swimming in mid air. Both are definitely trophy fish, and make wonderful mounts for the wall, over the pool table (museum mount), or in the entrance way (3D pedestal mount).

Marlin Charters out of Stuart Fl.

Other species we encounter during our Fl. marlin charters are sailfish, big dolphin, tuna, wahoo, and barracuda.




Stuart Fl. Fishing Charters offer the chance to catch:

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