I had the pleasure fishing the Pelican billfish tournament again this year for the first time since 2010 when we broke all the records. We started out with a bang, releasing the first fish of the tournament, but after that our action fizzled only releasing one more for the day. Day two we had a little more action which put us in a good striking position on day three. Day three was slow overall, but after  jumping all over the ocean we finally landed in the spot that had some fish. We released five in about 15 minutes which launched us into a five way tie for second. After that fishing came to a halt and nobody else released any more fish, because of when we caught our last fish we ended up in fifth place on time even though we were tied for second with fish (12). It was an extremely exciting tournament for all involved, and anybody's game up until the last second. Congratulations to the Grand Slam and everyone else who finished just minutes ahead of us. Looking forward to next years event!


 Great  mixed bag for today's fishing charter out of Stuart Florida. Thirty-year local Bob DeSantis said he thinks he had one the best days of fishing he's ever had today.  We started the day catching a bunch of big Vermillion snapper and let close to 20 nice sized genuine red snapper go (out of season) then we ran  offshore to fish for dolphin for a couple hours. We ended up keeping 8 and with  storms are closing in from the west we decide to get a little closer to home just so we didn't end up in an uncomfortable situation. We did a little bit of dodging rain storms, hit a couple more bottom spots for  Big Amberjacks keeping 1 out of 6 or 7 and called it a day.

Snapper, dolphin, Seabass and amberjack today's charter ,fishing in Stuart Fl

To top it off it was flat calm. What an Off the Chain day! Give me a call to book your Stuart Florida fishing charter,  this has been one of the best late summers I've ever seen in over 30 years of living here  


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