Todays Morning half day charter was with local lure manufacture Jim Mandalay. Jim owns the RonZ lure company and wanted to go out and see how the jigs would work out here for cobia, or any other gamefish. We left the dock with nothing but jigging rods and his bag of lures. First stop was the sandpile, we hooked a fish on the second cast that wast too big to stop. Jim fought it for about two or three minutes before it broke us off. We decided to run offshore and check out a couple of bottom spots that I though would be holding fish. We pulled up to a small wreck in 60 feet of water and cast out our jigs. Before they even got to the bottom both jigs were picked up by nice sized cobia. Jim fought the first to the boat and I took pictures while the other fish just swam around waiting to be reeled in. After getting picture of both fish and letting them go, we reviewed the photos. Needless to say...  "mission accomplished"!

Not only did the RonZ jigs work great, the brand new Olympus camera took some awesome underwater photos.

We ened the day in a little bit deeper water, and had good luck with getting bites and hooking fish, the only problem was, they were all too big and kept getting us back down to the bottom and breaking us off. Huge fish, and lots of fun today! I was also was fortunate enough to get onto the RonZ pro staff program, so you'll be seeing a lot more of them to come. 

Good luck to Jim, who's bringing the photos and a bunch of jigs down to the Miami Boat show for their southern debut. No doubt, they will be a huge hit!


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