Jan 2, 2013 Fishing Charter out of Stuart Fl.

Todays Stuart Fl. fishing charter was with local center console boat owners Mike and Karen Hogan. Karen loves to fish and holds a current world record for African Pompano (which she caught right out here) and Mike wanted to see how we pull our dredges for sailfish off of our Cannon TS 10 down riggers. The down riggers are a huge part of our sailfish charters. By using the computerized Cannons I am able to set out faster, clear the spread faster, and fish more effectively and carefree because I can pre program them to do everything I need to do. From setting the distance from the boat that I want them, to auto retrieve, and auto prospect modes, the TS10s make pulling dredges and spreads similar to those of what I used to pull on the bigger boats almost effortless.


It didn't take long for Mike to see how well the Cannons worked. As soon as we slowed down, I tossed the two dredges in the water and had our spread of five naked ballyhoo pinned up before the wake dissipated. While the fishing was a little on the slow side, it was still a good day for Mike to see how well the down riggers worked. The scattered grass had the electric down riggers working overtime, and he was able to see how strong they are for just being 12 volt. He was also very impressed by the auto prospect mode, where the dredges are let back and then retrieved over and over in order to attract lazier fish. After a few bonita and dolphin bites, we did finally see a pair of sails. As I climbed up in the tower to get one more look at the teasers before calling it a morning I saw a sailfish behind each one. Both Mike and Karen hooked up and were able to each land their fish. While it wasn't their first for either of them, both Mike and Karen got to see wonderful teaser bites from sailfish and after seeing how well the Cannon TS10's worked decided that they were going to trade their old down riggers in and get a set of the Cannons.



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