Dec 29, 2012 Stuart Fl. Charter Fishing Report

Todays Stuart Fl. fishing charter was Keg Avakian who we picked up at Sailfish Point Marina. Our goal was to catch a sailfish on fly. With perfect conditions we headed out to the Northeast. 

As soon as we deployed our teasers, we had a good shot at one right out of the gate. The fish teased well all the way to the boat, but first time jitters got the best of us. I dont care if its your first time, or you've had the chance to cast at hundreds of billfish on fly, its as exciting a bite fishing has to offer every time, and its a great time for things to go wrong. anyways with a good tease under our belts already, we continued the day in search or more opportunities. we only raised one more sailfish that didnt tease well before lunch, then its like someone hit the switch. We ended the day raising seven more sails. All but one teased well, and we threw at four of them. Of the four we cast to, we pricked three, but never got a solid hook set. 

Even though we didnt catch one, we did see some of the best teaser bites Ive ever seen, and Keg said " it was the best fishing charter he had ever been on" he said he was so excited that "he had to remember to breath". we ended the day casting at and catching a few bonita just to bend the rod and pull on something a little. 

Turned out to be a great day on the water and we were lucky enough to see some amazing teaser fish while we targeting Atlantic Sailfish on fly out of Stuart Fl.


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