Thanks so much for a great time, it was a great trip. I know you were hoping to hook more fish and a sail would have been stellar- we'll get one together in the future. I would like to try and get down for the Winter bite! I'm already working on a Christmas getaway and making excuses to get out of town...pray for big sales numbers and I'll be back shortly...hope you and
your family are well...have a great weekend and thanks for a great trip! Enjoy the pics, perhaps I can put some video online for you (via vimeo or another video site) of the Dolphin jumps...take care.

Sincerely, Seth Williams


Hi Scott,

As usual ….. Thanks for a great day on Tuesday. OK, we only caught 1 Sailfish, and no Dolphin …. !!! but we still had a fun time catching those Cudas .

Certainly the April trip will be one hell of an adventure if we get the chance to target Cuda and AJ’s ….. plus who knows what else ….. !!!! I can’t wait to get back out there.

Merry Christmas to you and the family, and I’ll touch base with you sometime early next year, and we can start to plan the April expedition to AJ & Cuda wreck happy hunting grounds. It’s going to be awesome.

Sadly the GoPro was a non starter with the sailfish video, and I will think twice about getting one for the TSL trip. I’m glad I borrowed Matt’s as it gave me a good idea what to expect. I think it’s good for close range, but that really is about it. Maybe the new versions have a zoom lens …….. !!!!

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