Scotty, we wanted to thank you for taking us fishing on Off The Chain. My parents have owned a house and boat in Stuart for 10+years, so my good friends, Matt & Pete and I typically book a 3-4 day trip in January to fish. This year we decided that we would have a lot more fun chartering you as opposed to doing all of the work ourselves. I have heard so many great things about you over the years- and we weren’t disappointed. You were nice, fun, prepared, and you worked HARD and SMART to help us catch A LOT of fish.

After our first day of fishing, as we walked off of the dock, Pete said “that was the best day of fishing in my life- for several reasons!

  • We caught a lot of fish! Just in the first day-we caught 3 for 7 on sails, 2 more sails swimming around the boat, several dolphin in the cooler- what more could we want????!!!!
  • We were able to relax and have you worry about getting all the bait, rigging the teasers, flying the kites, and driving the boat. We just had a great time and caught fish.
  • As we pulled back into the dock, we were able to head home for some rest and fish with you again the next day- no washing our boat, carrying ice/food/drinks back to the house, cleaning rods, etc.
  • We were able to learn how a first-class, tournament winning captain fishes so successfully!

Scotty, in all seriousness, deciding to charter with you changed our trip from a weekend-fishing-getaway into the trip of a lifetime! We are seriously considering selling our boat and just chartering with you when we get to Stuart- we would have a lot more fun, save a lot of money- and catch a lot more fish!

Looking forward to heading to the Bahamas with you soon- we’ll be in touch!

Keep up the great work- you are the best in the business!


Nashville, TN


Stuart Fl. Fishing Charters offer the chance to catch:

Sailfish | Dolphin  | Wahoo | Kingfish | Tuna | Marlin | Swordfish | Amberjack | Cobia | Permit | Tarpon | Snook | Grouper | Snapper

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